Friday, June 17, 2011

Paper giveaway for fun :)

Ok, so I was cleaning up my things, and trying to put away
my papers and organize, and I decided that my papers just didn't
fit into the smaller bin I picked for them, so I cut them down to make them fit
instead of  picking a bigger bin.
As a result, I have all the little scraps left over, and am having a give away 
of samples for 6 people who respond indicating they would like them :)
Below are is a picture of the papers, there are 6 little packets of papers,
and to get one of the packages, just respond.  
The first 6 people who respond saying they would like some, gets some :)

Each package is slightly different.

 Here is my newest ATC, it is a hand painted rose, watercolor,
it is the only one :)

to end the final pic, just for fun, my oldest kitty, helping me take pictures :D
Her name is Kitty.

 Happy tatting :)  Bri.


  1. Its nice to have a clear out, I can always use paper for my cards, if you want to off load some.

  2. I would love some samples!

  3. Ohhh.... Can I get in on the action??? I'd LOVE to have more supplies to play with! I've been missing paper crafts since, well... let's be honest... my stash seriously dwindled since I moved out of my parents' and don't get to shop at A.C. Mom as often anymore! LOL.

    I'd definitely love some samples if I can get my grubby little paws on them!!!! :-D

    -Stephanie Grace
    StephanieGraceCrafts [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. I must put my name in for the samples.

  5. I commented about the samples in the next post but I remember I wanted to tell you your handpainted rose is beautiful and so well done!

  6. In my selfishness, I didn't even post about the rose which, apparently, I didn't fully read about because I really thought it was an embossed card! It's absolutely beautiful!!!!

    -Stephanie Grace


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