Thursday, September 22, 2011

internet problems

I am having a ton of problems staying connected to the internet... my provider says it is us, we say it is them, lol, hopefully it will all be resolved soon.  We are going on vacation for the next week, and we are hoping that we will have a good connection when we come back.  I have a couple new things to show you, but I can't get pictures to load, my connection times out before any pictures can come up. 

I have knit a new hat for fall, winter, and a new scarf to go with it, and I will be done with a shawl that matches in the next day, and I am thinking about doing some mittens also.  of course, they can all be worn separately or together, lol, and I will have some pics of tatting to show you as well. 

Everyone have a wonderful week, and I am missing posting and sharing pics, wish me luck, or help me kick some net provider buns, one or the other :D

hopefully see you in a week :X and happy tatting!


  1. I hope your Internet woes are resolved quickly. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I hope your internet issues are resolved soon! I keep checking your blog for the Shaded Sun pattern and am looking forward to tatting it when you are able to get it posted! Happy Tatting!!


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