Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back From Vacation

We are back from our vacation, and we had a good time :)
It was nice to see the family, and it was really really good for my 
hubbie to have the time off work, he really needed it!
here is a picture of me with my mother in law's dog, her name is 
Haylie, lol, she is the funniest little thing, but very sweet...

I gave all my bookmarks and snowflakes away, so I made a new 
bookmark for myself, this one I am keeping lol, and now I have to make a 
whole new stash, they took them all, haha, but that is a good thing :) 

Here is the one I made to keep for me... the ribbon tail is decently long :) 

and I had to make one more snow flake because every single one I made is gone, and this 
one is infact being mailed out to one last cousin who didn't get one, lol :D

I made my scarf and hat for winter, and am working the shawl to match,
but put the shawl aside for a while to work on some other things for now,

My mother in law loves it so much she wanted her own, so we went 
to Hobby Lobby and she picked out her own colors and I am finishing 
up hers now, I have the hat done and am finishing the scarf now, she 
wanted a specific length.  I made a scarf a few years ago for her, and she 
has bragged to everyone about it and loves the heck out of it, wraps it around
her head etc, so this year she asked for a hat and scarf, so I am happy to make for her :)

the scarves are double knit, they are stretchy but they spring back 
on themselves, they look the same on both sides, and actually are twice as thick as 
a regular thick scarf, yet still drape and move like a singular knit  fabric.  
This is my favorite scarf to knit, for warmth anyhow, I have some  fancy lace scarves I 
like to make, and am going to do one for grandmom when I am done here, 
she wants a pretty one but not a real heavy or warm one for down in Florida.

Health has been poor, I was sick the entire ride home, we took an extra day coming home and stayed in a hotel instead of hurrying home, hubby didn't want to push me with the way I was feeling, I was back in the doctors soon as we got home though.  I know you don't want to hear the details of that, 
so I won't bother you with it, it is just the same ole same ole :)  I am 
feeling better than the trip home, and hubbie has been super :)

It is always good to be home, no matter how good the trip is, you always feel 
good to be back in your own home :)

I have really missed you all, and hope to have more things to show you soon :X  I will do my best to catch up on my blog reading, hugs friends and keep tatting :X:X


  1. It sounds like a lovely vacation (apart from being ill on the way home)! How wonderful that family and friends wanted tatted gifts from you! I love the hat and scarf sets. Is it time to get ready for winter already? : )

  2. Hi, Bree!
    Welcome home! Sorry you have not been well. Hopefully you feel better as you rest up after your trip.

    Lots of pretties in the pics. Love the photo of you and the doggie!

    Wonderful that you were able to give all your tatting away! I wish I had folks that wanted to have something from my huge box of motifs!
    Fox : )

  3. I forgot about your fall off the horse! It will take you awhile to heal from that! I'm trying to figure out when you did all that tatting and knitting! I thought for sure you must have a knitting machine, but then I saw the needles! I'm curious about the 'double knit' scarf and the yarn you're using. I like the way the stripes are forming. Is the pattern available?

  4. Kathy :) yes, I am still ill from the fall off the horse, the hematoma on my tailbone leaked old fluid and caused an infection, I was in the doctors immediately upon returning home, it was swollen, red, hot and re-bruised, my immune system went all hay wire from the leaking fluid.

    on the other note, There is no pattern specifically for the scarves and hats, the yarn I am using is from hobby lobby and is their brand of yarn called "I love this yarn" they are the only ones who sell it, and it is a self striping yarn... they you can get solids or other variegated yarns, but it says "striping" on the package... I think it is like that for sock yarns too, they are self striping. when you do smaller projects like scarves, they aren't so wide so they make their own stripes :D it is really neat. you can order from Hobby Lobby online if there aren't any in your area, but you can check out any yarns that say self striping on them and they should work the same way :)

  5. Beautiful bookmark and snowflake! Great colors! :)


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