Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This year, in the fight against
child obesity, I have decided to eat 
all the Halloween candy I 

Save the children!


  1. Your willingness to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the children is to be applauded! Perhaps I should join the cause!

  2. ME TOO, ME TOO. i got my kids and my niece to look after, we gotta do all we can to fight it!!! ;)

  3. Because of our location, not that many kids ring our doorbell so I actually DO eat the candy we buy! There's a big housing plan near us and the kids get lots of candy there. We like to have a certain amount on hand 'just in case', but ww're left with most of it!

    I want to thank you for the yarn info! Fortunately I am near a Hobby Lobby! Many years ago I was delighted with the 'new' self-striping yarn for socks (Moda Dea, bought at Michaels), but I've never seen it for scarves or sweaters. I looked on the HL site, and I'm liking the skeins and colors I see there. Thanks again!

    Sure hope you're feeling better!

  4. Hilarious! I will "dine out" often with that one!
    Fox : ))

  5. I am glad the yarn ideas helped :D

    Hubbie is helping too, though we live way out in the country and never ever get any trick or treaters, he is doing his part in the fight and bought 2 bags of candy, he said he didn't want me to suffer alone :D isn't that wonderful! I am lucky that my darling husband is willing to endure with me, and that is 2 more gags of candy those poor kids will not be FORCED to eat this season :)

    Thank you to all of our supporters too, keep up the good work :) every little bit helps :D (silently giggles as I eat my cran-raisins)

  6. LOL, too funny!!

    Good for you - save the children!


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