Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Motif # 9

This is Motif #9, of the second go around for me, and it is
a pattern from Lynn Morton's book, Tatting Patterns.
I think the pattern is called Shriley, but  I don't remember.
I used Lizbeth leaf green, size 20, and 
Omega variegated yellow, size 30.

the pattern is quite fussy, and I had a lot of problem with it twisting and turning,
and I plan on making a few more in red and green for tree ornaments,
but I am thinking about altering the pattern a little for less fuss, maybe they will
come out a bit neater, I am not happy with the quality of the motifs.

Here it is on 2 different backgrounds, so you can see the colors better :)

Motif # 9:

Happy tatting, Bri.


  1. I like this! I do not remember this pattern at all and I do have that book. Must check... Her patterns do tend to be complicated for some reason.
    Fox : )

  2. I didn't remember it either but found it, called "Sally". I wondered if those rings were chains and they are so you have some different options. Looks like you've already eliminated some of the picots. SCMR's might give you rounder rings or throwing rings off of chains. I didn't read it too closely since I'm up in the middle of the night but hope to see how you adapt this lovely pattern. I like your color choice. It looks like Spring!

  3. Ah, Sally, that is it! ty :) I have the book buried somewhere, and we are trying to reorganize some bookshelves, so until that gets done, the book stays buried, lol. so far what I am doing is just what you said, I am adding scmr's and throwing rings off of those, my scmr's are made of little 3 dp's in between each ring, so far I am really liking the shape of each
    "flower" much better. I am going to play with the chains a little also, see if the length of the chains fit with the 5 picots or if I am changing it up some, I will have to unbury that book eventually and see just exactly how the pattern is written, I thought I wrote it in my collection the right way, but I just may not have.

    I chose the colors so it looked like spring, the little rings reminded me of flowers, and I thought the chains and small rings would look like the stems and leaves :D

    I am hoping doing them in red and green will make it like poinsettias for the holidays :D

  4. I love your colours and it looks a lovely pattern I have the book but not tried any of them yet, its on the list.


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