Saturday, November 19, 2011

My mother in law's hat and scarf is finished!

I finally finished my Mother in Law's hat and scarf, 
now it can go right in the mail!  She is waiting for this, 
And I am happy to send it!  She picked out the colors, 
and said, yup, this is the one, and I made the scarf long enough
to wrap around her neck a couple times like she wanted also :)
Also, here is one more yoyo, with a pretty gold button in the middle of ecru
colored fabric, with a white print on it, 
and Lizbeth grean leaf, size 20 for the edging :)
Happy tatting!  Bri.


  1. I love the hat and scarf! I'm thinking about making a set for myself before the bitter cold sets in. Of course, that would mean giving up tatting time. Maybe I'll reconsider. After all, those yo yos are very tempting!

  2. lol, I always have knitting or crocheting projects going on along with sewing and tatting, haha, sometimes painting, and drawing, some glueing, some beading and maybe something else too, I just can't stay on a single project all the time, I guess I get tired of it if that is all I do, lol

  3. Love that yoyo! Vert pretty colours, Bree.
    Fox : )

  4. You'll be pleased to know that thanks to your posts about your lovely scarves, I bought some yarn from Hobby Lobby, and I believe it's the same color as your other scarf (Autumn colors)!

    I didn't mention in my other comment that several years ago I discovered the striping yarn for socks, and Moda Dea (at Michaels) had some wonderful color combinations. I thought it was miraculous how the striping occurred! But they didn't allow the yarn to be machine dried!! (I have no idea if my nieces paid attention to that note I left with their socks!) I also made a pair of socks for myself, but believe it or not have never worn them! I just like looking at them!!

    I'm delighted that a manufacturer has finally made an acrylic, worsted weight yarn that has this striping effect, to make scarves and hats. It almost seemed as if acrylic yarn was disappearing. I prefer the convenience of machine washing and drying, and have made many sweaters with acrylic yarn over the many years I've been knitting.

    Thanks for introducing me to this new yarn! Also, your yo-yo's are very clever and attractive with the tatting around them! I hope you're feeling better!

  5. Ty for your comment Kathy :) Yes, I love acrylic yarns as much as natural yarns! This is Hobby lobby's very own "I Love This Yarn" and it is both machine washable and dryable, and it is so very soft, and easy to work with, ti comes in both sport and worsted weight :D and the variety of colors is amazing...

    Also, it really is warm. another acrylic I love love working with, is carion, they have one that uses recycled plastic bottles, and it has a really neat sheen to it, the yarn is easy to use, and is super soft, very suitable for a baby blanket, or something to spoil yourself with... I have made a couple shawls for myself with it:D

    Both are easy to crochet or knit with, but the Carion brand skeins are smaller.
    Have fun, and I am glad to be an inspiration, I hope you post yoru finished project, I would love to see it :)


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