Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simple little motif

Here is a simple little motif I do a lot of, 
this one is done in spring green, Lizbeth, size 20.
I am making several little ones in white, size 80 for
tiny little tree ornaments, for those little spaces on the tree
you never seem to have a cute little piece  to put in there.  
They work up quick and easy, and I have posted my stitch count 
for anyone who wants to make some :)

I have another really cute one I will be showing in the next post :) 

Sorry this one is a little wonky, I pinned it out, and left it on the table 
over night, my  cat decided the pins were there just for her 
enjoyment... I really do need to re-block it :)

 Happy Tatting, Bri.


  1. Great motif- but it screams for Josephine rings on the outside. That's how I made mine last night. Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Going to try it right now!


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