Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I haven't been doing a lot of tatting this last 3 weeks, 
I am still around, and reading blogs, but I have yet again been ill.
It comes with my territory, and I have had an allergic reaction to a new 
medication, so I have been a little out of the game.  

But, I have also been trying to learn how to knit 
socks!  I have wanted to make them for years, 
but never been able to make the heals right, so I have been sitting down and going through you tube videos, and I think I have it!!!

I have been knitting hats and scarves for holiday gifts like crazy, I can't post
those yet, I want to make sure they are surprises for the ones receiving them,
I only have 4 more scarves to go, and 3 tatted snowflakes, and then 
I have 4 very large  size 5 cotton string crocheted snowflakes to make!

I have 4 of those hanging in my window and someone saw those and really
fell in love with them and wanted some also, lol

I was also luck enough to be the winner of one of the drawings 
from The Piney Woods, and I was also notified I won a drawing from
Jon Yusoff too!! What a sweet holiday season!

I have already started sewing my goodies from Rachel's drawing winnings, from 
The Piney Woods, but I am still suffering terribly
from when I fell of the horse 4 months ago, so I can't sit up at the sewing machine
long, but I can't wait to post that, just have to see how long it takes me
to get it done.

I am having an MRI to find out why my spine and pelvic bone hurts so much still, it should 
have been completely healed by now, so, we will see what is going on.  
I know there are many people who have ills, and I really don't say anything 
because I am trying to be an attention whore, being constantly ill goes with the territory when you 
have chronic illness or disease.  Some people here know what I mean, without my going 
into detail.  I tend to mention it, simply because it is my life, and it is what I live.  
I have Lupus/Sjogren's and Hashimoto's disease and a lot of side effects from them.  They
are both auto immune diseases, and things can get very painful at times.  However,
I am grateful I don't have some problems others face on a daily basis, and I do 
have a wonderful life.  
I wish for all my friends to have a warm and dry holiday season, and hope everyone
is happy and blessed with family and friends too!

I will post pictures of things I have been doing, after holidays when everyone has received their gifts!
Happy tatting all  and thank you to everyone  who has written recently :X


  1. I'm so sorry you're not doing well. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I knew there was a reason I was afraid of riding horses! I hope the doctors are able to figure out what's going on so that you can get on with the healing.

    It sounds like you're going to town with Christmas gifts! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

  3. Feel better, soon, Bree!
    ❤ Fox : )


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