Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Birds

Here are some of my newest ornaments!
These are felted birds, with some embroidery on them
They really turned out pretty, and remind me of some 
of the old German ornaments my grandpa used to have 
when I was little.  I have seen some similar on line, but I 
made up my own patterns, and no 2 are quite the same.
My husband loves these, and the birds pictured here, are on our tree,
but I will be making more, as I have a few requests already for 
gift ornaments already.  
I have already given out a few of my yoyo's, and I love giving out
my ornaments for gifts to friends :X.

Enjoy the Pictures!
And here is a picture 
of the grey and pink bird on our tree, they hang beautifully
like they are flying :)

I am going to make a couple with tiny little size 80 tatting around the wings and around the body instead of just  blanket stitch, I think that might look pretty, or just around the wings, haven't decided yet... will see, lol

Have fun, happy holidays and happy tatting!



  1. Wow, those birds are truly beautiful!

  2. Wow! Those are really beautiful!

  3. I love these, just gorgeous little ornaments...each of them is special in it's own way, there is no way I could say which is my favorite! Any chance you'll be posting your pattern?...I would love to try a few of these! They look like such fun to create :-)

  4. I love seeing birds on Christmas trees, and these are especially pretty!

  5. I especially like the blue and white one. All are delightful additions to your tree!

  6. I think these birds would look good hanging in the home any time of the year, they remind me very much of 'folk designs' and yes very German. You did a fantastic job on them, so don't put them away until next year keep them flying all year round!

  7. I love a tree covered with hand-made ornaments, and your birds are beautiful!
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Sorry this is a bit late, I love your birds and they are so well made and gorgeous colours.
    I hope you had a lovely christmas.


  9. The birds are so pretty! Happy New Year!


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