Monday, January 2, 2012

New Challenge For Me

100 Snowflake Challenge

I Had a small problem this holiday season.  When I was looking at my tree,
it was so pretty, and I liked it so much, but something was wrong, it needed more.
I couldn't figure out "more" what... but more.

Then I was taking my decorations down and I got it. It struck me just exactly what was wrong.
The only tatting on my tree, were 2 snowflakes and the yoyo's I recently made! 
I had given the rest away recently as gifts, in the mail and on vacation!!!
I have a lot of hand made snowflakes on the tree, but they are crocheted, hand dyed
threads and beautiful, but still crocheted.  So, this year, I have challenged myself to
a 100 snowflake challenge so that I will have enough tatting for next 
year to put snow flakes on my own tree, as well 
as giving away to new friends, or new designs to old ones.

***Anyone who wants to do this with me is welcome to! I am not making a time limit,
except ready before next Christmas, lol.  I can make more of one snowflake,
but they don't count, they have to be 100 different designs, even if they are 
just variations of similar designs, and I  am also putting up a counter meter
so I can keep track of how many I have made without specifically counting. *** 

 Here are the first five of my 100 snow flake challenge.

1.  The one I am currently working on





I look forward to seeing if anyone wants to do this with me, either way, 
I am looking forward to seeing all the flakes I make :D

 Thanks for stopping in,  and happy tattng!  


  1. i think its a great idea, i think i may try also!

  2. Good for you! I'm not sure if I'm up to the challenge... we'll see!

  3. Nice challenge. Good idea!
    Fox : )

  4. I'd love to try but 100 sounds an awful lot! By the way aren't 3 & 4 the same with just an addition of a chain of 5ds at one point - does this count as different patterns?

  5. Tyrana, yes. If you look at 1 and 5, they are the same also except the outer rings. In 1 they are 6p6, in 1 they are just 10ds. you are going to find a lot of similar designs, however, they are still different. some will morph, some will be completely different, I will be doing each one of Jon's snowflakes in this challenge, etc. 100 is a lot of snowflakes. The idea for me is to have each one be just it's own, even if that means just slightly unique from another I have already made. Like no 2 real snowflakes are exactly alike, yet they may be close, so too may mine be close, but not exactly alike.

    I want this to be fun for me, as well a rewarding in the end, and the same for anyone who decides to join. Even if we don't make it to 100 by the end of the year :)

  6. I plan on doing one snowflake a week this year. I need to update my blog with the ones i have done so far.

  7. Quite the challenge, but you're already well on your way!

  8. Awesome snowflakes!!! :)
    I sure hope you make your goal!

  9. wow that sounds alot !! its almost 1 snowflake per 3-4 days ...I am not that professional tatter yet :) but i would love to follow your progress and see your beautiful patterns...maybe I will try some of them too :)


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