Friday, January 6, 2012

TAST - Take a Stitch Tuesday

While reading through Sustat's blog, 
I loved the idea of her TAST
that she was doing, so I went to the group and joined in :)
Like her little book she has made, I have had one for 
a few years for crocheted and tatted samples, 
and so it was completely appropriate to make a little stitch sampler for 

The first stitch for this last Tuesday was the Fly stitch, and here is my sample.
I used no other stitch other than the fly stitch, and some beads.  I know 
it is rather simple, but it is pretty, and fits just fine on my little sample page :)

Here is the little sample book and coordinating thread book I made.
I used scrap material for the cover, and unbleached muslin for the  pages,
I will embroider or embellish every 2 pages facing each other, 
and then the back sides, where the stitches are with the knots, they will 
be sewn together, and you will not see them, so I will be left with a nice clean 
hand made picture book.  Until each page is completed though, the 
edges of each page is left raw.  I haven't decided if I will leave a frayed edge on the 
pages or if I will finish each page with a blanket stitch.

The first thing I did was cut 4  rectangles, sew all around them, turn them inside out, iron 
flat, and then make a decorative stitch around the edge.  I cute 2 rectangles for each
little book I made.

Next I cut the pages from the muslin,  the same size as the original rectangles for the 
book cover.  Then I took 6 pages at a time and stacked them as evenly as possible
and sewed them right down the middle.

Next I stacked 4 of these mini books together and sewed them together before 
adding them to the cover, and then I added a blanket stitch design on the
"spine" of my little book and wove some floss in just to give it some more design.

For the complimentary little thread book, so I will always be able to take
a project in the car or something, I used the other cover I made, and I cut 
several rectangle pieces of felt to put inside, sewed them down simply and put 
thread inside.

And here are my 2 wonderful little projects I did this week, and you already saw my 
first  stitch I put in, at the beginning of the blog entry :), the fly stitch.

Happy tatting, happy stitching, and happy crafting. 


  1. I read about this project, and I was very tempted to join in. However, I know I just don't have the time, so I'll just enjoy seeing what you accomplish!

  2. I love this idea! I would end up with an unfinished book at the rate I'm going :)


  3. Very clever! Sweet little books.
    Fox : )

  4. Hey Bree, love your little books! Thanks for the shout. Your design is very effective showing the Fly Stitch. Sometimes simple is better!

  5. Great idea! I'm just making pages for now. Will figure out how to finish them off later. I'll publish mine later today.

  6. Nice work, and a great tutorial on how you made your fabric book,


  7. Beautiful stitching. And what a lovely sampler book!

  8. Your book is going to be filled with lovely stitchery.



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