Monday, January 23, 2012

Hanky edging and tast week 2 and 3

Been busy with a lot of things, weather has been nice and not cold, 
though it has been windy.  I say not cold, because it hasn't 
been spring warm,  but it hasn't been
winter cold either. So we have been trying to get some things
done around the house.  In the mean time, I have been working on 
my TAST, and I bought a large, I mean stinking large, huge hankie,
it is 18 inches by 18 inches,  at Hobby Lobby, and I am going to 
put an edging around it and use it for a center piece on solid colored table cloths.

I am working with Lizbeth size 20, fuchsia, and yes, you have seen me
do this pattern before, I just love it and it works up easily, and is wonderful for 
long pieces of lace.

Week 2 of the TAST was the Button Hole, or blanket stitch
so, here are my samples.

All of the flowers are done in the buttonhole stitch, then I added the leaves in
the previous weeks fly stitch, and added some beads for flower centers.

Week 3 of the TAST is the Fan Stitch, I didn't do any samples, but I did
make a picture.  

All the coral is done in the Fan Stitch, the fish is done with the Button Hole stitch really close, and the leaves are done with both open and closed fly stitch. the sand is just a few knots.

Week 4 of the TAST starts tomorrow, so I will see what we get to do then.  

Happy Tatting and have a wonderful week!


  1. That is a huge hanky! I love the edging and the color. Some day I'll do embroidery, but not today. : )

  2. Nice TAST stitchery! Be sure to show us the hanky on a tablecloth when it's complete!

  3. Your edging is awesome! And the color is outstanding!! :)

  4. Pretty edging. Love your stitching - so colourful and delicate.
    Fox : )


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