Monday, May 7, 2012

I Have Been Thinking........

I am not sure if this will publish or not, but here it goes.. I HAVE BEEN THINKING! And I think my blog is boring. To me it is boring to look at, read, browse, etc. SO, I am going to do what I intended origionally, and show more pictures... not just of my tatting, of which has been slow as of late, but of other things. I used to take hundreds of pictures, of everything, and I have fallen out of the habbit as illness progressed. However, with some things more managable now, I want to start sharing pictures again. I hope I can make this af fun and enjoyable for you, my friends and readers, as it will be for me. See you very very soon!!! Bri.


  1. I don't think your blog is boring, it is as interesting as many others, I know that illness can cause problems and you don't feel like posting and then get into a rut, and then things slide a bit. I am sure when you feel better I am sure you will be back to regular posting.

  2. I love tatting of course but I'm also excited to see your other pictures!

  3. Looking forward to some fab pics! (but I don't think your blog is boring at me it is calm and peaceful)


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