Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vacation Pics

We had gone on vacation a while back, and I thought I would share 
some of those pics with you.  
These pictures are on the way home
from seeing my husbands grand mom in WV, to ND. So, they are a little while ago.

This is a picture of a nice little one way tunnel, before we got our big ole vehicle in it....

here is the same tunnel, with us in it.... talk about made around us? or just for us? or what were we thinking!!!!!

This was in West Virginia somewhere, it was a fun trip :)

 On the way home, we stopped at a place called PipeStone, where Native Americans used to go , and still do, to carve a hard compacted red clay for pipes and fetish items.  They are the only ones who are allowed to quarry rock  any more, if you are caught it is a major fine, and possible jail time..  
You can watch them inside making things, you can buy their wears and even buy your own pipestone raw to make your own things.  

It is a really beautiful place to walk through and read all the little signs of things, about some of the legends of the area.

 This is a face in the rock, the nose is pointing to a place called "the 3 sisters"

Here are a couple pictures taken along the trail through the area.
that is a piece if pipestone

some glyphs left on pieces of pipestone

 and some things made from it

Here at pipestone  the area has been keep the same as it was when the Native Americans lived on it 150 years ago.  People, (I forget who now) are dedicated to preserving it so the surrounding area is not developed, the grasses are not lost, and the area does not disappear.   I think it is absolutely wonderful.  You can almost see and feel the teepees and hear the people an children running through the area as you walk the trail. It really is a magical place.

This was a wonderful trip for us, we always see things when we go places.  I have been to a lot of places and seen a lot of things, and I am very grateful, especially when i talk to people who have never been out of our small town of 12000, even to the next town over, only 30 minutes away.
I will always go an hour or 2 off my rout to see something extra!

 I hope you enjoyed the pics :)



  1. Great photos! Those tunnel pics are kind of scary! Was there any height/width info before you entered? And I assume there's some kind of 'stop' signal to keep traffic from coming the other way!

    Also, it seems you coverd quite a few miles, and the RV looks like a comfortable way to do it! It's great to see different areas of the country in person, but I also enjoy it when bloggers show us their adventures!

    I'm glad you're feeling better, and I think your blog is jusst fine!

  2. Absolutely NO height information when we came upon the tunnel, lol, we looked at the tunnel and looked at the rv, we drove up to it and guessed, and crossed our fingers, haha... and o lights, you are supposed to honk your horn at these types of tunnels and blind corners to let people know you are coming, the person who honks their horn first has right of way :).. there are places like this all over the country, blind corners, tunnels, bridges etc where it is just not wide enough for 2 cars, we have come across them in flat land in the swamps in Florida too, haha. Just keep your lights on and honk your horn!

  3. Great pictures, I love seeing pictures of the US, I have never been but I have an American pen friend, I thought it was only Europe and Asia that had roads like that, and US raids were straight and long, not the narrow with tunnels and curves.
    Do you have pot holes, our roads are bad at the moment (they always are) with the bad weather producing pot holes during the winter, and then we have to wait during the summer for the workmen to repair them. When we go on holiday sorry you say vacation, and when we hit air turbulance with say to ourselves they have got a few pot holes up there too.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and great story.

  4. fascinating pictures, thank you.


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