Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Little Puppies :D

I have 2 new little puppies :D   The brown and white one with spots is Moe Moe, the white one with the spot on the eye and ear, is Iggy Pup... yes, play on Iggy Pop, haha

Aren't they cute :D
They are my little babies  and they are sooooooooo cute ! I think they are like little jelly bean puppies!


  1. Sooo cute! What kind are they?

  2. They are apple head chihuahuas, I know people don't like chihuahuas, but they are so perfect to me, I have 2 bigger dogs also, one is 10 pounds ad one is 15 pounds, and these 2 little ones are so light weight, and tiny I can cuddle and hold them even when the fibro is really bad. My other 2 have to just sit beside me all the time. These 2 aren't yappy, they aren't shaky, they have great personality, they are already learning to go potty on their mat and out side, they are super smart and learning commands, I just love them so much it is incredible. My husband was dead set against chihuahuas untill I finally talked him him into these, and he is converted, he said he never knew they were like this, he just knew what he saw other peoples... I tried to tell him, it is always how you raise a dog, big or small. Just like pits have a bad rep, so do chihuahuas.

  3. OMG they are so cute! Are they from the same litter! We want to take 2 from the litter we have been waiting for but some people are warning use not too. Any advise?



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