Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Necklace

This is My first piece of jewelry I have made from tatting!
I have a really floaty and delicate little spring dress 
that is light green with a touch of white and a tiny bit of 
yellow in the flowers, so I made this little necklace to go with it, 
as the dress is made of a sheer fabric and very floaty, I wanted 
a delicate piece of jewelry :) 
Hubbie says it looks wonderful together, Please don't 
be too critical, I can only improve upon it :)

Happy Tatting, Bri.


  1. So delicate and pretty! What a great idea to repeat the colors from your dress in the beads and thread choices. I'm sure the complete outfit is stunning!

  2. Looks lovely...I bet it looks terrific with your dress!

  3. Very nice. You did a great job and I too love the colors. Fun, isn't it!?!!

  4. t looks great, Bree!
    Fox : )

  5. Goodness. I wouldn't be able to see to do all that fine work!
    I found you through blogtrain by the way.
    Jennidee Mills


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