Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A little girl’s purse – a project for big and little girls to make together!

First I have to say, I cut and pasted this entire thing from the blog 
 Which I ran across in when i was looking for a little purse to make for
my granddaughter, and I think it is just soooo easy and perfect
for her that I wanted to share!!!  

Leigh Ann from the object project is sharing a quick and easy way to make a darling purse for a little girl (or with just the right fabric could be a fun night out clutch for us big girls).

I wanted to post a quick little project that mothers and daughters can make together!

My daughter, Audrey, is four years old. She and I often make things together. Audrey calls our creative time together our “craft show” because she likes to pretend we’re being filmed in front of an audience! We must explain each step of our project in detail to the “camera”. We even take “commercial breaks” to fit in some popsicle time! I really think she’s destined to be the next great HGTV or DIY host!

Take a few minutes with your daughter (or grand-daughter, or niece) to make this sweet little purse she’ll love to tote around. And let her pitch in to the extent her skills (and attention span) will allow!

What you’ll need…

One fat quarter of fabric, two plastic bracelets, scissors or rotary cutter and mat, needle and thread, buttons for decoration is desired.  You’ll be using a DVD for your pattern!

 1. Let your daughter pick out her favorite DVD to use for the project. Fold your fat quarter in half.  Open the DVD and lay it on the fold of the fabric and cut around it. If your daughter is old enough to use scissors, you can trace around the DVD and let her cut the shape out.


2. Open the piece and lay it flat. Fold down about 1″ on the top and the bottom and press.


3. Fold in half again, right sides facing this time, and press. Sew from the fold up to about 1.5″ from the top (before you get to the fold). You may want to stop 2″ or 3″ from the top, depending on how big your little one’s hands are. Repeat on the other side. If she knows how to use the sewing machine, let your daughter have a go at the 2 seams!


4. Turn the bag right side out. Take one of the plastic bracelets and place it under the top fold. Hand-stitch the bracelet into the fold, gathering the fabric around the bracelet as you go. Repeat on the other side.




5. Add buttons or ribbon to embellish the purse if desired. Let your daughter stuff it with her treasures!



This is Audrey modeling her new purse (and her mango smoothie).

You might want to make a matching headband or corsage. Leigh Ann tells you how with more clever tutorials.  She also has some patterns for sale at her shop, Strawberry Truffle.  Thanks Leigh Ann!

And a huge thank you to Cindy at the Blog
Go on over and check out her blog :)

 Happy Tatting, Happy Creating,


  1. What a lovely little bag for her, just right for all the little bits she will want to carry

  2. What a fab little tutorial - great pictures.

    You are the only person I've ever come across other than my MIL that does tatting. I haven't got the patience for it, but looks fabulous when done.


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