Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Holiday Ornament time already?

We have a 7 1/2 foot holiday tree we put up each year, 
however, this year we are going to change out to a 2 1/2 
foot tree, and that means, all of the home made ornaments
that are larger, are going to go into storage.  

I am keeping 
only a very few out, most of them will be overwhelming on  
such a small tree, and, this gives me new ornaments to make 
anyhow.  (Since I make ornaments for the tree every year anyhow.)

Here are the first 2 ornaments for the tree this year, and I will be using size 40 through 80 thread for most, these just happen to be 
small motifs, so I used  20.

Lizbeth, lime green, size 20.  I will be making probably about 
5 or 6 more of these same size in white and other colors, as fillers, they are frilly and pretty :D I think they will look Lovely on the tree :D.

The larger the motif or snowflake, the smaller the thread I am going to use, just so I can keep them all in check with such a small table top tree :D.

Weeeee, new direction!

Happy Tatting and Happy crafting all !



  1. Nice colour, makes a change from white, your tree will look different this year.

  2. Awesome job on the snowflakes! I stopped in from Blog Train!



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