Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pfft! updated

Well, I was hoping to have something to show you today!  I have been sewing my fingers to the bone for the last week, on 4 dresses, and I am in love with the design. HOWEVER, I have 2 sewing machines, one singer and one pfaff embroidery machine, and BOTH are not not working!  I am so distressed it is unbelievable!  I have one dress nearly completed, all I have left to do is put the zipper in and hem it, and today when I went to use the only machine that was still working, it started sewing in reverse. Reverse! Only Reverse! Problem is, it is the pfaff, and it doesn't have a reverse, reverse is automatic, and it has a tie off button, you push it, and it goes reverse, forward, reverse, forward again for your tie off, you don't push a reverse button.   So, something in the electronics  or the computer, is fookered!  Not only is it in reverse, I could sew in reverse, I could make it work.... but it is in a huge basting stitch!   No no no, that won't work, especially for a zipper on a body fitting dress.   


I hope everyone else is doing well, and nothing of yours is frustrating you :D
happy tatting  and  have a wonderful day!

On a side note, I just got a call from the doctor.   Late last week I had to go to the doctor, I had some x-rays taken.  I had sore ribs, thought I pulled a muscle maybe, so I was massaging them and felt and heard a huge pop, and was in  a great amount of pain.  The called me today and confirmed I do indeed have fractured ribs.   go me....

Waiting for the third shoe to drop.......


  1. Oh dear you are having a rough time, I do hope your ribs are feeling a bit better and the pain is under control. There is nothing more frustrating when a machine whatever it is falls down and won't work.


  2. Oh no, I don't know anything about cracked ribs, but I feel your pain about the sewing machine. Always seems to happen when least needed too. I hope you sort it out, and the ribs too!!

  3. Hi there, thanks for joining my blog, I love yours, I which I had talent like yours, I would have to have about three closets to fit all the clothes I would make. Have a great day.

    Trina at:


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