Wednesday, July 4, 2012

App - ropriate ?

 No pictures today, though I have a couple projects in the works, but I did want to tell you all something else..... I do hope to have a few pics to post soon :) 

I want to tell everyone something, and it really is food for thought....

I was looking for a new app for my phone, a calorie and exercise counting app, and I have never paid much attention to the permissions before, just simply installed. Like most people. Right before you install, at the bottom of the screen, it shows you the permissions you are giving, but it doesn't show you all, only a few, most of the time, and you need to click on the more button.... do it.

Many of the free apps, and even the paid apps, automatically give permission for the the app,, once you install it to your phone, to, {if you have the phone active or not, are using the app or not,} use apps, locator, report your address, phone number, and in some cases take random pictures of what ever the camera is pointed toward, at any given time, yes, I was shocked to see that one,} without you doing anything other than installing the app. Some of these permissions work even of the phone is turned off, and the only way for them not to work is to take the battery out or uninstall the app.

Many of the apps share your information with fb, some of them with other programs with random companies for demographics on the internet. Please read the "I agree" terms, and Please read the permissions tabs before accepting your phone apps.
Food for thought :)   
Happy Tatting and crafting, Bri.


  1. Thank you for the warning, I will look even more carefully

  2. That really is food for thought.. i'll be more careful what apps I put on my phone in future.


  3. Sound like you're describing Android based phones. I don't know if other types (iPhone, Blackberry, etc) even tell you these things. It's good to know either way. There are some pretty odd ones.


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