Monday, July 9, 2012

Yeay! I have pictures !

I finally have pictures to share, yeay!
I have been sewing, and have made a couple dresses, 
here is a light blue one still on the dress form, 
you can see here, it is still inside out and has some pins in it
for the final fitting:

I have a turquoise one I have made also, it has been completed already, 
and I have worn it out to eat...  I is a great summer dress, 
very comfortable, very easy to sew, and very easy to 
tailor to your particular fit, it was a simplicity pattern.  
I have material for 1 more like it, then I will pick a different pattern. :)

Here I have made the boxy little bag that  Cindy made over at A Happy Bluebird,
where she found the tutorial on a word press blog called 
The Three Bears.  It is really easy and fun to make.

 I already have material cut for several in a 
couple of different sizes, to organize a few things, and to 
give as gifts for friends :)

Next, I have been tatting, yes, lol, bet everyone thinks I have forgotten hot to tat :D
but not, I am tatting :)
I am working on a hanky edge, for some reason, I always forget to 
take a picture of the finished hanky before I give them away or 
mail them out, but I have no plans for this one, and I will try to take a pic 
of the finished project to post, I promise.  

and finally, I wanted to share the sweet little bag I received from Miranda.
it was my turn to get the traveling book, and she sent this really pretty bag along
with it, and inside was  a really pretty surprise:
Inside I opened it up, and found this beautifully tatted pendant, it is a pattern
from the book. I am delighted to receive it, and thank you Miranda :)

It is beautiful, and I treasure all the little pieces that get sent to me :)

Happy tatting and crafting, Bree.


  1. Beautiful the bags...and the dress looks lovely!

  2. Sewing and tatting... me too! No dresses for me, though. I've been making Origami bags. I think I'm going to give this little bag a try... so cute!

  3. Pretty boxy bags. The only time I made a garment was my last. Home Economics terry cloth shirt. I wish I still had it. It was sad.

  4. Gosh you have been busy, lovely tatted edging, and beautiful pendant.

  5. isn't the pendant pretty? Miranda gave it to me :) I love it :)

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful words of encouragement and all your well wishes :) they are much appreciated :)

  6. Ooh - garment sewing is not something I can do :( But bags? Yes! I love that little boxy pouch - nice fabric!

    I really like the hanky edging too - it's really nice in pink. And lucky you with that surprise pendant - what a sweet "extra"!

  7. Your hanky edging looks really nice so far!! And the color is fabulous!! :)


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