Wednesday, September 26, 2012

cake baking tip!

You know that dome you sometimes get in your cake when you bake it? that is because the sides cook faster than middle..... check out this fantastic tip to help turn out incredible baking every time, without the expensive "Bake Even Strips".  They are made by Wilton, and you can buy them in stores or online, and the own when I can :)

Click on the link and watch the little video :D
Make You Own Bake Even Strips

Happy Baking!  Bri


  1. I have never heard of it, There's a first for everything, What I can't work out is what the strips are made of.


    1. she used terrycloth, from either an old towel you already have, or you can get it from the fabric store :D
      I think it said it in the video, but it says it only once, and the girl talks softly during the music. But yup, it is terrycloth :)


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