Sunday, September 16, 2012

Go To Piece of Work

When ever I have nothing in particular to make, 
or I want to test out a new color combination, or simply need a pretty 
book mark for a friend, my "go-to" piece of work or pattern that I 
seem to always go to and repeat over and over is the first part of  
Jon's 'Fold-over bookmark at Tat-a-Renda   I always put a tail on it, so it  isn't
just half a bookmark, but I never make the fold over part.

I love love love the first half of this little book mark, to me, it looks like
flowers and vines when you make it in 2 solid colors, and I love the pretty pattern
it makes in multi-colored threads.
so, for me, this is always my go to  pattern.  
(shhh, I am working on one now in size 80... Lizbeth, color cotton candy)

from Jon's pattern page:

(yes, I both needle and shuttle tat, though I shuttle more often than needle :D)
I have a lot more pictures, but you get the hint.... I always make this little pattern :) for me it tats up 
fairly quick, and I have the pattern down so it is an easy pattern for me ;)... 
and I thank Jon for it, I absolutely love this one :)

Happy tatting, Bri!


  1. I love the green and white bookmark, they are all lovely, nice to have a pattern that tags up nice and quick

  2. You've done a beautiful job with each of the threads! I love using a familiar pattern to try different threads.

  3. Love the bottom two motifs. You are right!

    I really like the first part of this pattern! I have not tatted this because I did not want a flop-over ... but I can see I now MUST tat the first part; it is beautiful!

    Way to go Jon ( fantastic pattern as usual) and good for you for being adventurous with the pattern!
    Fox : )

  4. As I'm a newbie to the world of tatting I am totally enthralled when I see such lovely tatting pieces.

  5. As a newbie to the wonderful world of tatting I'm absolutely enthralled when I see such lovely pieces :)


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