Saturday, September 15, 2012

While we were out

We saw my grand daughter, she is so beautiful, she is now going on 4 months old....

Isn't she just beautiful? they have a wonderful family, this is my daughter and her husband, the nicest kids in the world!!!!!

and we found some really beautiful crochet that I want to make for myself,

both of these I will be able to make with ease, it is just a matter of finding the time, lol....
we have a craft fair coming up and I am busy making jewelry and tatting for that, which I hope to be able to start posting pics of soon for you...

We also saw a pink elephant, and no, we weren't drunk, it really existed !!!

and next Tuesday we leave to pick up my new baby! We are driving from New Mexico to Illinois to get her,  her name is Camilia, and she looks like this:

she is a teacup poodle... and not expected to weigh over 5 and a half pounds full grown. 

I have to ask her when I pick her up which she prefers to be called, Cammy or Milly, lol, I can't wait to hold her :)   I need her so desperately to hold and lay in bed with me on those horrid days when I am confined there... thankfully they are fewer and much further apart than they used to be :)

Thanks for reading, and I hope to have a few new pics in a couple days!

Happy  crafting and tatting everyone!  Hugs friends and Stay comfortable!

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