Friday, June 4, 2010

Nothing Like Cotton

Well, it was time for new dish cloths, sooooo, I made them :D  I never like the flimsy washcloths you get from the store, and we always had the handmade ones around the house when I was younger, so I learned to make them then and I still make them  now.  Nothing beats a great hand made cotton dish cloth!  All are crochet.   Thought I would share my new cloths with you :)

In the very last pic you can see the last dishcloth I am just finishing up :) 



  1. Always love hand-made dishcloths, and those are wonderful. Love the colors, good job.

  2. lol, any chance I can get you to send me some? I will take you to lunch, grins :D

  3. It is always nice to have a simple pattern for those around...

  4. I have a ton more of these in the works, each one works up in just over half an hour. I am going to take them for sale at the smaller crafts fair this year if I can find a booth to share, no way on this planet am i buying a booth at the large craft fair... you get one booth, which is 3 sides folding tables in a "U" shape, for 175$ and it is mostly commercial vendors... Right , like any homemade mom and pop or regular craft artist can afford that or make any money back or profit... can you say Pah-leeeeeezeeeee!


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