Thursday, September 23, 2010

Does Size Matter... or is it all in how you use it...

     Fox and Lace Lovin Librarian have gotten me hooked on "Stumpy" and when I am not doing something else I am  making him. All sizes, all threads, yarn, materials, etc, and tonight when I was working on a carpet bag tote I am hand sewing I thought to myself, hmmm.  I am using hand quilting thread for part of the project because it is sturdy, comes in wonderful colors has a nice sheen to it, and yes, I am going to make a Stumpy with it.  One needle tatted and one shuttle tatted, my bobbins fit right in my shuttles, lol, lucky me :D

     Here is the photo of the needle tatting so far, just started, and man oh man, I need  a magnifying glass to see the pecots, I am not sure what I am going to do when when I do the shuttle tatted one, it will be much smaller and much tighter, this needle is  way too big for the thread, and making it difficult to work with.  I have thought about using a beading needle, but that is very thin and wiry, hard to hold still enough to make the rows of  knots on.  I will post my progress.
      When I have my little collection of Stumpies that I am happy with, I will post them and all the information on each one. bur for now, here is a picture of stumpy for those who aren't sure what or who Stumpy is :) allong with the first of the attempt at the hand quilting thread Stumpy

stumpy and a little piece made of ends with the middle cut out

both here are using size 20 lizbeth thread, top is needle tatted, bottom is shuttle

and tadaaa, here we go, and yes, that is a dime in the picture... that first ring is the  5ds,p,15ds,p,5ds ring, then a 5 ds chain and starting the end clover. again, the stitches are loose because the needle is quite a bit too big for the thread, but I am going to complete it and see how it turns out, then I am going to pop a bobbin in a couple shuttles and shuttle tat one in a green quilting  thread I have :) stay tuned for an update :)


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