Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to step away from the shuttle...

     Days when nothing I seem to put together actually goes together, nothing tats up, gapsosis, forgetting the second half of the double stitches, chains twisting on them selves, forgetting picots, tensions all wrong... this is what I call my "crotten" work.  Crappy-Rotten work and when I start turning this out it is "TIME TO STEP AWAY FROM THE SHUTTLE" said like a police action.....

maybe a change
in color will help

nope, even worse, move on to another craft, do dishes, take a nap, anything but this...  ohhh wow, what is wrong with me...the tatting police are going to confiscate all my shuttles!  In the above example I was so frustrated I simply tied all the ends in a knot and said forget this!

 OK, here is what I did.  I crocheted to head bands, and they came out really nice :)

 After this it was on to freshening up the winter scarves and my shawl, I am still working on a few others, always have a few knitting projects on needles, but this is one of my favorites, light weight but warm,

 Here are the scarves...  This first one is done in a rib stitch, making it double thick and incredibly warm

This next one is done also in a rib stitch but I used larger needles so it is not quite as thick, but I added a bonnet type hood right in the design, I love this one, and I am currently making a shawl in the same color, and thinking about putting a bit of tatting on the shawl when it is done.

So,  maybe back to tatting now, I feel I have gotten the Crotten work out of the way.  I have been having trouble seeing darker colors this week also, so I am going to work with some off white and do some hand died  "painted" bookmarks I think, either way I am working with off white for a little bit, atleast I know I can see that :)

Until next time, happy tatting all, Bree :)


  1. I like that word - CROTTEN! I can so relate. I tend to go off and do other things when I get frustrated with my tatting too - anything - reading, sewing, crochet . . .

    Your knitting is beautiful!

  2. Thanks for posting on my blog. I hadn't seen yours before so it's on my bloglist now. Well...hope you're done with CROTTEN now! It can really be frustating.

    Love that shawl!

  3. I can also relate to that when nothing works out find another project!

  4. My goodness... you are a busy girl! I see we share many of the same interests. I noticed a link to info on Hashimoto's Disease... you're the first person I know of who has heard of it! I was diagnosed with it several years ago. Luckily, I've responded well to the treatment.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I might not have found you otherwise... shuttle and needle tatting? You're a braver woman than I! Shuttles only for me!


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