Thursday, September 30, 2010

Motif 4 and 5

     Motif #4 is a little rosette with directions that were very difficult to understand for me, so I had to redo them, for myself with the same number of stitches, but with my own technique... now all I have to do is redo it and make the stitches a bit neater and more even.  You can find the pattern here...  I will post more pics  of this motif as I make this nicer...

     The second motif is an edging and corner, , I will end up putting it in my practice book for an example, but you can clearly see that it is  very sloppy and needs a ton of work, i was  practicing with stitch count and I don't like the way the actual corner came out.   none the less, it is still  not a bad piece of work if the  work is cleaned up, but for a corner it will need adjustment.

     This 3rd image is a picture is a frame with some of my tatting  since I joined the motif challenge, I plan on making 3 frames total to put on  the wall, My husband really likes it, says it is a good way to display art :)

Happy tatting :D, Bree


  1. That's a wonderful way to display your tatting! I don't think my husband will let me put any more holes in the walls. : )

  2. I love that first little motif - it's a very nice design. We are always our own worst critics! I hate having to do things twice, but mine usually do look better the second time :) I'm chicken to try an edging with a corner - yours is a pretty pattern.

    Your framed art will look great on the wall - I love that idea.

  3. Beautiful arrangement in that frame! What a great idea for displaying tatted motifs.

  4. Bree, Under the patterns on the left hand column of my blog, you'll see "antique rosette interpreted" and it's this very pattern. The directions are rewritten for the original as well as for the variations I made. Try it and let me know if it's easier or if I can make it better. A diagram would help but I haven't played with my software enough to do that yet.

  5. very nice re-write, what I did instead of the little inverted chain for the center of the heart was make a small 10ds ring , I was having so much trouble with the picot to close it that I found it much easier to simply make the ring here instead, however doing it my way, it is not true to the original. I find I have a lot of trouble with those reverse picots when they are right on corners like that, if anyone has tips on them to make them easier, I would be grateful.


  6. Good job and love the frames idea :)

  7. Your motif and edging look really nice. I love the way the motif looks like little hearts! And your display is awesome! :)

  8. Thanks for the great link to the Gutenberg site! It is an historic treasure trove of ALL the needle arts! I'm always amazed at the skills of the needleworkers back then, and of the work that went into publishing the illustrations and instructions.

    However, for some reason I can't seem to find the rosette on that page!

    I also recently (in July) tatted this rosette, but from a site I can't find right now (it wasn't from Gina's blog). I remember writing the instructions from the computer screen but didn't write down the site.

    The rosette uses what we call today a 'dimpled' ring, and they ARE difficult to do, so don't feel bad about not understanding it. I tried several times before I 'kind of' got it right.
    My more successful attempt is shown on my most recent blogpost.

    Also - your frame idea is excellent! A great way to showcase tatting!

  9. Love your frame idea. Thanks for sharing.


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