Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Motif #2 and #3

I was browsing through Totusmel's wonderful things and saw her moth! what a beautiful thing!!! S or course I had to make that, and I had to make some of Jon's dragonflies :D I think I am going to  make several of these up and stick some of them in my plants, and put some on  cards etc, I love them both!

Motif #2 is the moth from Totusmel, the smaller one is done in  Lisbeth, springtime,  20, shuttle tatted, and I used her pattern.  The larger one is done in some  colorful crochet thread I have had for years, don't have a clue what the name is, size 10 and needle tatted {with an oversize needle}.  On the bigger one I varried a little and added a thorax in the middle :)

For motif # 3 I chose Jon's dragonfly :) these  tatted up quickly and easily, and I absolutely love them, ( but I really like dragonflies to begin with )I varied the beads a little otherwise it is the pattern right from her sight.  the pink is just regular crochet cotton, size 10, and the green is DMC pearl size 10 I don't have a number for.
     { I bought about 6 colors at hobby lobby on sale for 15 cents clearance because someone had pulled the tags off all the colors and they were getting all tangled, so they were selling them cheap, but it was pretty and I got  4 little  bundles of each color I picked  really cheap of good  DMC pearl cotton :D}

The last picture  I am showing is the moths with some butterflies I whipped up :) nothing big, just thought they were cute :)

Until next time, happy  tatting :D Bree.


  1. All your tiny critters are beautifully tatted. I especially like the brown one in the last picture. I have to look up the instructions for the folded ring again and try something with it.

  2. Cute dragonflies.

    Your pics of needle tatting makes me want to get batter at my needle tatting which is thus far very clumsy. I don't practice because I am faster with the shuttle and have only so much tatting time.

    But those photos...
    Fox : )

  3. Your moths, dragonflies, and butterflies look so neat and bring summer to life. :)


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