Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Tatting Fun & Motif # 1

     Hi all :D I joined a new tatting group and am looking forward to having a lot of fun with it, it is a 25 motif challenge. That might not sound like a lot, but that is something new every other week for 1 year! I already read a lot of the people on the blog from there and find tons of helpful hints, so I finally asked if I could join and weee, now I am part of it and looking forward to  seeing what I come up with.  I have the link in my list of blogs I follow if anyone ever wants to stop in there and see what people do.

     I am self taught, and I do both needle tatting and shuttle tatting.  I am not a total beginner, but I am  not a complete master either.  I am always learning something new, and I can always improve techniques.  As I said in my last post, I am working on bookmarks at the moment, I think that and tree ornaments are going to be this years holiday gifts, and I am ready to post Motif # 1 :D

I don't think this is a specific pattern, just some rings and chains fashioned in a circle, and i added a tail, and made book marks.   All of the threads are HH Lisbeth 20

This is the first one, it has a center ring with 6 p separated by 3 ds; then  rings are simple 5 ds, p, 5 ds and the chains are  3 ds, p 3 ds, then a josephine knot tail and my attempt at a heart shaped  end to hang out the book.

This one is basically the same, except no middle ring, rings are 6ds, p,3ds, p, 3ds, p 6ds, and the  chains are 3ds ,p 3ds; a josephine knot tail,   and a simple clover  with beads on it to hang out of the book

the 3rd one is like the first one, but has 8 instead of 6 rings, and I added an extra ring of chains around the outside, the rings are the same as #2, and the chain is  4ds, p, 6ds, p, 4ds; the outter chain has 5 p's separated by 2ds each.  The tail is just a silly array of ds 3p 5ds until reaching the clover that hangs out of the book.

and finally the 4th one, which I think is my favorite of my own. Same center and rings as last one, chains are 5ds, p, 5ds and then a final round of 4ds and then 3p separated by 2ds.  A josephine knot tail with a clover ending to hang out of the book :)

The basic motif is the same, so I am counting the first bookmark as the basic and my #1 motif for the 25 challenge :)

coming up, some NOT round bookmarks, stay tuned in another week or 2 :)



  1. All four bookmarks are pretty in their own way. Thank you for sharing.

    Taking part in the 25-motif challenge is a good motivation for tatting and sharing your tatting progress as you complete each challenge.

  2. And I quote: "I am self taught, and I do both needle tatting and shuttle tatting. I am not a total beginner, but I am not a complete master either."

    I am the exact same way!!!! Are we twins?!? LOL

    I learned to shuttle tat about 5 years ago, but put it away for almost 2 years. Then I heard about Needle Tatting and had to try.. I've gotten back in to tatting ever since - oh, how I missed it!
    Now I'm having all sorts of fun ordering HDT's and tools, etc.

    There's some great stuff on Etsy.

    Your work is very pretty and coming along nicely.
    How long did it take you to get the technique down?
    Do you prefer the Shuttle or the Needle more?

    I love taking part in the 25 Motif Challenge, it sort of pushes me to try and come up with something different or new, but even more, it gives me a chance to see the works from everyone else - which in turn will allow me to learn new things and techniques.

    Welcome to the club and hope you have a long, happy tatting life!

  3. Ahh, tyvm ! I have been a lurker in the the challenge for probably a year now, and have gotten lots of tips visiting everyone's sites so i thought maybe it was time I show some of my things too :D I like both shuttle and needle about the same, I think it depends on the size of the work I am doing or how fast I want to complete something. I tat much faster with a needle, but if something has lots of tiny tiny rings the shuttle is much easier for me, otherwise I hve to make half a ring at a time and pull it through before completing the ring if joining it on both sides, long needles don't bend in half, lol.

    As far as technique, I picked up a quick rhythm for needle really fast, only a matter of hours, as far as shuttle, I have been working on that for a good year and a half, and I am still not what I would think of as fast, lol but I have a relaxing rhythm going and I enjoy working on something :) either way I think I would prefer quality over quickness anyhow, and that is what I really want to get down, the quality of my work, and some of it is still what I think of as sloppy. Practice, Practice, Practice !

    Happy Tatting :)

  4. These motifs are all very pretty!


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